Reflections on Typography


The Bellevue Gallery presents, Nicholas Purcell, designer and maker of exceptional handmade furniture,

Reflections on Typography

A journey from graphic design to fine furniture.
One may wonder how typography and fine furniture might find semblance together in
the same work. The original inspiration for these pieces came when I stumbled upon a
tray of vintage letterpress type. Inspired, I reflected on the printers who stood laying up
rows of type one letter at a time and the heavy machinery pressing the images of the
printed word.

The small letters and intricate motifs reminded me of a brief experience with this form of
printing in my early schooling in graphic arts. Later as I went on to study as a graphic
designer I had an immediate affinity & aptitude for hand lettering & designing with type.
It is this background and my current work as a furniture designer that combined to inspire
this exhibit.

I call myself a ‘Designer and Maker of Exceptional Handmade Furniture’; but there is no
escaping that I am an ‘Artist ‘. The lens through which I see the world and approach my
work has defined me all my life. In all the work I do I try to apply this same artistic
sensibility – believing there is intrinsic value in ‘good design’ & the ‘handmade object’
and in practicing the highest level of craftsmanship.

Show runs from May 23rd, 2013 – June 30th, 2013. Opening reception: May 23rd, 2013; 6pm – 8pm