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Saturated Phenomenon

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Saturated Phenomenon

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Saturated Thin Film

Saturated Phenomenon


Saturated phenomenon are experiences of givenness that philosopher Jean Luc Marion says exceed the senses, that flood, overrun– indeed saturate otherwise ordinary events. Saturating phenomenon surpass the sum of their parts; an experience of overflowing fulfillment, saturated phenomenon exceed the intentional act that generates them and is incommensurable–not measureable in any ordinary way.


These images juxtapose minimal planes of steel with close up faces caught between fear and joy- laughing, crying, screaming, meditating, being flooded with fields of saturated colour, seen floating through layers of texts.


The Saturated Phenomenon Series celebrates how simple mundane surfaces can open, enfold and invite such saturated phenomenon. The surface of steel, the porous, close–up topography of the face, the signifying surfaces of texts, maps, packing stickers, material veils of saturated colour–each trace, layer, flood, open and unfold multiple depths. The surfaces themselves invite not a dualistic opposition of surface with depth, but celebrate how the surfaces themselves suggest multiple readings. Multiple traces overlay and do not erase.


In Painting Today, Tony Godfrey observes that a “portrait painted face-to-face implies a one-to-one, an ich-du (I-thou), relationship (111). The one-to one relationship with the painted face enacts Martin Buber’s I-Thou relationship, albeit between the painter and panel, and brings to mind philosopher Emanuel Levinas face-to-face ethical encounter with the other. The viewer is invited to step into an I-thou relationship in the artist’s stead. This series has taken a surprising turn. Particularly the laughing face layered over text transfer sections of Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and Keller’s The Face of the Deep suggests in an odd textual dialogue and in Keller’s own words how “the face breaks up both the deconstructive caricature of depth and the counter caricature of deconstruction as shallow. (165)”


My dissertation opens with being “stopped” by a heart attack and ends with a laugh. In Coming to Writing Cixious identifies a generative process: “In the beginning was dying, the abyss and the first laugh.” The Aesthetics of Attentiveness identifies 3 phases of aesthetic acts– the necessity of being stopped; being attentive, trusting unknowing and self emptying listening through the act of making; then emerging out of this liminal process with a laugh of knowing, having made something that surprises even the artist.

Saturated Phenomenon runs from April 11th to May 11th, 2013 – Opening Reception: April 11th; 6pm-9pm



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Curriculum Vitae

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Associate Professor and Chair, Art + Design Dept.
School of the Arts Media and Culture (SAMC)
Trinity Western University
7600 Glover Road, Langley, BC V2Y1Y1
Telephone: (604) 888-7511, local 3142



Simon Fraser University

Doctorate of Philosophy                                                       2012

The Aesthetics of Attentiveness: A Philosophy for Artists and Educators

 University of Regina                                                                           1982

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Great Distinction

Banff School of Fine Arts                                                                   1980

Summer Scholarship Program,

Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Munich, Germany                      1983

Directed Studies with Gerhard Winner

Areas of specialization: Drawing, Intermedia, Aesthetics, Cultural Theory


2013     *Saturated Phenomenon. Bellevue Gallery, West Vancouver BC.
2007     *Being, Text and Time. Bellevue Gallery, West Vancouver, BC
2006     (im)Balance, multimedia installation, collaboration with Steven  Stasson (video) David Squires, Jeff Warren (soundscape), Trinity Western University (Be)Longing: Art and Identity in an Age of Anxiety (screening/installation)
2005    *Metaxu. Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
2004    *The Body Knows, Kwantlen University College Gallery, Vancouver, BC
*Wisdom Poems, Linda Lando Fine Arts, Vancouver, BC
2003     Lament invited collaboration with composer David Squires, mezzo-soprano Sarah Fryer in memory of those killed in the Bali bombing, presented in Sydney Australia
2002    *Mapping the Body, Gordon College Gallery, Boston, MA
*Ascending Arc, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
2001    *Depth Maps, Gallery Telpaz, Ottawa, ON
1999    *Swimming in Existence, Assiniboia Art Gallery, Regina, SK,
*Remembering to Breathe, Gallery Telpaz, Ottawa, ON,
1998     *Liminal States, Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, BC
*New Work, Queen Elizabeth Theatre Gallery, Vancouver, BC
*Metaxu: Beauty is the Beginning of Terror
, Amelia Douglas Gallery, Douglas College, BC
1997            *Grace and Gravity, Lookout Gallery, Regent College, Vancouver, BC
1996    *Issues of Being, Assiniboia Art Gallery, Regina, SK
*Icarus, Bessbourough Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1995    *Soil Rich as Blood, Sunshine Coast Art Centre, Sechelt, BC
1994    *Recent Work: The Earth is Bread, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC
1993    *Signs of the Sacred: Two Streams, Quay Works, Gibson, BC
1992    *The Earth is Bread, Dawson Creek Art Gallery, Dawson Creek, BC
1991    *No Angst, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
1989    *Inscapes, Lookout Gallery, UBC, Vancouver, BC
1989    Feather on the Breath of God, Firehall Theatre, Vancouver, BC Dancing On the Edge, collaboration with dancer C.Schroeder
1988     *Raven Prayers, Bessbourough Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
*Raven Prayers, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
*Requiem, Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, SK,
1986     *Recent Works, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
1985     *Our Father Portfolio, Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK (commission)
1982     *Graduating Exhibition, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK


2012   Hallelujah!  Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons B.C. invitational exhibition curated by Manon Staiger
2012  Faculty Exhibition President’s Gallery TWU
2011  Matter and Spirit Exhibition Essay
2005-2011  Numerous Group shows Bellevue Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Assiniboia Gallery Regina, Sask.
2005   A Broken Beauty: Figuration, Narrative and the Transcendent in North American Art, Laguna Art Museum, CA
2005   The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith, MOBIA, New York City
2005   RAG 25 Years 25 Artists, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond B.C.
2005   Embracing the Gift, CIVA Silver Juried Show, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
2004-2006 Bread upon the Waters, 3 yr. traveling print and drawing exhibition, jurors Katherine Brimberry and                    Tim High
2004   First Annual Drawing Invitational, Linda Lando Fine Arts, Vancouver, B.C.
2003   Manifest Juried Exhibition 2003
2003   Creation Groaning, La Rocha Conference Exhibition, Lookout Gallery, Regent College
2003   Imago New Heaven/New Earth  Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.
2002   Imago New Heaven/New Earth Painted City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2002   Unveiled Faces, Manifest Juried Exhibition 2002-2003

CIVA Traveling Print and Drawing Exhibition

2002   The Body: Broken/Beauty, traveling exhibition curated by D. Goa and G. Fuglie
2001   Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Choose Freedom
2000   Hand, Spirit, Voice, juried exhibition Langley B.C.
1999   Concordia University Gallery Mequon Il, CIVA Conference Juried Exhibition,
1997   IntraLUX Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Art Source, Virtual Opening

Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC.  disCOVEry ’97 The Darker Side

Gallery 416 Ediface Belgo, Montreal, Quebec,

Crossroads Festival of the Arts

Regent College, Vancouver, BC.,  12×4 Juried Exhibition

Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Harvest International

1996   Streff Gallery Marylhurst College, Oregon, USA, Image Vision and Voice
1994   Lookout Gallery, Regent College, UBC, Vancouver, BC.  IVCF Invitational
1993   Doheny Fine Arts, Vancouver, BC.  Curators Choice

Organization of SK Arts Council, Traveling Exhibition

1992   Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK  The Art Bank at Work

Abbey Arts Centre, Abbotsford, BC.  The Arts & Peace Festival Exhibition

1991   Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Body and Soul: Drawing Invitational
1991   Lookout Gallery, Regent College, UBC, Vancouver, BC.  Pacific Theatre Benefit

Patrick Doheny Fine Arts, Vancouver, BC.  Group Show

Chiaroscuro, Langley, BC

1990   Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC. Contemporary Drawing in BC

Patrick Doheny Fine Arts, Vancouver, BC.

1988   Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK, Close Ups, Traveling Exhibition

Graham Centre, Wheaton, Ill., USA, Sacred Arts X

1987   Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK Art Treasures ’87
1986   Neoartism Gallery, Vancouver, BC.  Visual Art, Spiritual Growth
1985   Holy Spirit Parish, Saskatoon, SK, The Cross and Resurrection
1984   Chicago, Ill., USA, Form/Reform
1983   Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK, Emerging Saskatchewan Artists
1982   Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK   Sight Unseen N.M.A.G.

Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK

1981   Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, SK Print shop: Seven Printmakers from the University of Regina

N.M.A.G., Regina, SK, Here It Is, an exhibition of women artists

Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, Saskatchewan Open Art Competition

Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK College and Broad

1980   N.M.A.G. Traveling Exhibition, Recent Acquisitions, SK Arts Board

Banff School of Fine Arts, Juried Student Exhibition

1979   N.M.A.G., Regina, SK Drawing: A Non Media Concern


2013   The Aesthetics of Attentiveness: A Philosophy for Artist and Educators (forthcoming) Wilfred   Laurier University Press
2011   The Daughter’s Way: Canadian Women’s Paternal Elegies, (cover) MacDonald, Wilfred Laurier University Press
2009   “Reflections from an ‘Ocean Dweller’: Art as Mimesis, Form, Sign and Philosophical Inquiry” in Crossing the Academy, (ed.) D. Downey and S. Porter, Wipf and Stock
2007   Western Living (Vancouver B.C.) 01/04/2007 page 13
2007   Stop Me, Times Literary Supplement January 26 p. 9 (Cloud of Unknowing)
2007   Frontlines PBS documentary directed by Helene Whitney (The Cloud of Unknowing)
2007   Rock and Sling Literary Journal Featured Artist (Cover and 10 plates)
2005   Before the First Word: The Poetry of Lorna Crozier (cover) Wilfre Laurier University Press
2005   A Broken Beauty, ed. Theodore L. Prescott, forward by Bruce Herman, Eerdmans,
2005   The Next Generation: Contemporary Expressions of Faith, MOBIA, NY
2005   Civa Silver, Eerdmans
2005   RAG 25/25 Richmond Art Gallery 1980- 2005,
2002   The Vancouver Sun, Mar.29, Douglas Todd, Artist’s Quest: To try to grasp the ineffable with human hands
2002   The Prairie Messenger, Mar. 25, Frank Flegal, Nash lecture links art and the Gospel
2002   Topic, Shirley Stockdill, The Art of Erica Grimm-Vance: Spirituality in Wax and Steel
2002   The Leader Post, Mar 16, Gary Anderson, “Ascending Arc typical of Artist’s body of work”
2000   Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion, vol. 31 feature article by Tim Bascom, cover art, 6 plates
2000   The Altering Eye, Susan McCaslin, Borealis Press, Cover Art
2000   Flying Wounded, Susan McCaslin, University of Florida Press, Cover Art
1999   Canadian Art, Fast Forward Review
1999   Mattoid 54 – Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies, Victoria, Australia,

Examining and Experiencing Masculinity

1999   Gender and the Sacred Self in John Donne, Elizabeth M.A. Hodgson, University of Delaware Press, (cover)
1999   Voices in the Wilderness, Stories by Chris Fischer, Hagios Press, Saskatoon, SK, Cover Art
1998   The Voice, Donna Mattila,  Beauty & Angst at the CVAG

The Record, Paula Wild,  TAG at CVAG

The Record, Arts & Entertainment,  TAG, you’re it

1997   Masculine: Migrations, Daniel Coleman, University of Toronto Press, Cover Art
1992   Modern Liturgy Magazine,
1991   Prism Magazine, Cover Art
1990   Modern Liturgy Magazine
1985   Cable Regina, documentary, The Art of Erica Grimm-Vance; From Chaos to Cosmos

Grain Magazine, Featured artist


2010-present    Assistant Professor, Chair Art + Design Department, SAMC, TWU
2005                 Assistant Professor, Trinity Western University
2000                 Sessional Assistant Professor, Trinity Western University
1998                 Instructor, Art Department Coordinator, Trinity Western University
1989                 Instructor, Trinity Western University
2002                  Glen Workshop Faculty, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico,
2001                  Glen Workshop Faculty, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1992                  Artists Lecture Series at Mackenzie Art Gallery
1991                  Artist in Residence Luther College
1987-94             Instructor UBC Continuing Education Program
1986                  Instructor University of Regina Extension Department


1995                 With Heart and Mind Conference Regina Sk. The Role of the Aesthetic and Postmodern in Post-   Secondary Education, 1995
1991                 CIVA Conference Minneapolis,
1997                 CIVA Conference Montreal, critiques, panel
1999                 CIVA Conference Mequon Wisconsin, board member,
2001                 CIVA Conference, Dallas, Texas, workshop organizer
2003                 CIVA Conference Gordon College, Boston, speaker “Tales from the Trenches”
2003                 Word and Image Conference, Sydney Australia, keynote address, workshop leader,

Lament visual/audio collaboration with David Squires

2005                 CIVA Conference Azusa Pacific,
2006                 (Be)Longing: Art and Identity in an Age of Anxiety, speaker, panelist, installation of (im)Balance
2011                 CIVA Conference Biola University
2012                 Skin Boats: Ethics and Aesthetics Are One. Verge Conference: Arts and Ethics. School of the Arts Media and Culture, Trinity Western University


Winter Lecture Series Canadian Memorial University Art, the Incarnation and the Way of Unknowing, Lecture 1- Made Flesh: Embodiment and Materiality Lecture 2-Post Ironic Search for Meaning: Beauty and Affliction Lecture 3- Silence, January 2008

Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime Conference Trinity Western University A Rage of Love, co presenter with Lynn Szabo May 2007

Verge Conference Trinity Western University, Beauty, Terror and the Transcendent, 2006

Surrey Art Gallery Invited Speaker, Art, Embodiment and Materiality, 2005

Kwantlen University College Embodiment, Material and the Post-Ironic Search for Meaning, 2004

The Schoenel Invited Lecturer Seattle Pacific University, Art and Transcendence, 2003

ICS (Institute for Christian Studies) Invited Lecturer, Toronto, Beauty and Affliction: Reflections on Art and Embodiment. 2003

Keynote Address Wesleyan Institute, Sydney, Australia, Beauty and Affliction: Reflections on Art, the Incarnation and Embodiment, 2003

The Nash Memorial Lecture. Imaging the Sacred: The Fruitful Alliance Between Gospel and Art, or Outsider Art in an Age of Irony, Campion College at the U of R., the 24th lecture, 2002,

Gordon College Invited Lecturer, Wenham, MA, Listening and the Way of Unknowing, 2002

The Glenn Conference St. John College, Santa Fe New Mexico, Vocation: The Hard Work of Listening, 2001


2009- CAA member UAAC member,
1998- 2003  CIVA Board Member, Secretary
2000- CARFAC Board Member
1999- JKC, Board Member


2003-4  Catwoman, Warner Brothers,  3 paintings, sketchbook of 50 drawings director Pitof
1997     University of British Columbia, Biomechanics Laboratory
1991     Luther College, Regina, Saskatchewan
1994     The Our Father Portfolio, Commemorating John Paul II visit to Canada
1983     Fackelbararnas Centrum, Holsby Brunn, Sweden


2012   SSHRC TWU Internal Award Provost Research Fund
2011   SFU President’s PhD Research Stipend (PRS) Award
2009   SFU Graduate Fellowship
2005   SSHRC TWU Internal Award,
2002   Distinguished Alumnus Award, Professional Accomplishments, University of Regina
2002   First Prize Imago Juried Art Competition
1997   First Award of Merit, Seymour Art Gallery
1996   Second Prize, Streff Gallery, Marylhurst College
1987   B Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board
1983   Travel Award, Saskatchewan Arts Board
1982   Riddel Award, awarded to top Fine Arts graduate
1981   Proficiency Award, University of Regina
1980   Purchase Award, Saskatchewan Arts Board

Travel Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board

Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada Award

1979   Proficiency Award, University of Regina
1977   Entrance Scholarship, University of Regina, Department of Fine Arts

Art Award, Campbell Collegiate


The Canada Council Art Bank

The Estevan National Exhibition Centre

Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC

City of Regina Art Collection

Sask Tel

Saskatchewan Provincial Art Collection

The Saskatchewan Arts Board

The Vatican Collection, Vatican City, Italy

Fackelbararnas Centrum, Holsby Brunn, Sweden

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Graham Centre, Wheaton, Ill.

Luther College, Regina

Holy Child Parish, Regina

Campion College, University of Regina

Regina Separate School Board

Centre for Ecumenism, Saskatoon

First Baptist, Vancouver

Regent College, UBC, Vancouver

The Salvation Army, Vancouver

Trinity Western University, Langley, B.C.


David Lyle Jeffrey, PhD., FRSC, Baylor University Waco, TX 76798-7122, 1-254-710-3267

Linda Schwartz,VP Academic, Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat, Alberta, CANADA

Bruce Herman, Professor of Art, Gordon College, 17 Walker St. Gloucester MA 01930-1528

(978)-281-5177, (978)-867-4414,

Stuart Richmond, PhD, Professor of Arts Education, Director of Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University, 778 782 3163 work 604 879 0686 home

Lynn Fels, PhD., Assistant Professor of Arts Education, Simon Fraser University,


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Erica L. Grimm, PhD., is an artist, researcher, and educator whose work is exhibited widely and in collections such as the Canada Council Art Bank and the Richmond Art Gallery. She was the Invited Nash Lecturer in 2002 and was named Distinguished Alumnae at the University of Regina. Currently, she is Associate Professor of the Arts, Media and Culture at Trinity Western University.

  • B.F.A. University of Regina (1982)
  • Banff School of Fine Arts, (1980)
  • Academie der Bildenden Kunste, Munich, Germany (1983-4)
  • PhD. Simon Fraser University


Artist Statement

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The work in this exhibition continues Erica’s long-standing interest in issues of embodiment and liminality but combines these abiding interests with a consideration of textuality, issues of being and how meaning is negotiated in the beginning of the 21st Century.

A Trace of a Difference draws on a textual conversation between Heiddegger, Derrida and Rilke  regarding “being”.  The image layers texts (continuing in the tradition of Saussure’s linguistic metaphor, the word text does not refer only to written / published words on pages but also to images, signs, maps, rituals or even clothes); suspended figures, ECG readings, words from Heiddeger, Derrida, and Rilke and layers of wax- each are meaning making texts that visually interact- they converse, collide and obscure each other.  Meaning emerges and is submerged.

In Being and Time Heidegger writes that the presence of beings tend to dissolve into the transparency of their usefulness.  Being is crossed out by technology’s reduction of embodied persons into merely useful instrumental tools. Rilke tells a similar tale albeit in a poetic language.   Heidegger actually crosses out the word Being leaving it visible beneath the mark.   For Derrida, being is erased but it does not actually disappear.  It is “one side of a difference – the mark of deletion is itself a trace… that joins and separates this mark and what it crosses out”.  Signs and texts are joined and separated while the figure remains suspended in a liminal moment.

In Walking the Tightrope the body itself is a potent signifier, as are materials (steel, wax, gold and pigment) and each are coded with meaning. PET (positron emission tomography scans), MRI scans, topographical, aerial and depth maps, and stock market texts, are also signifiers coded with various levels of meaning.

In Water; Fire; Earth these various signifiers of meaning collide in Lacanian chains of signifiers.  Another series small 5? texts are mounted on magnetic sheeting and are arranged like a crossword puzzle referring to Wittgensteinian word games. Due to the magnetic backing material texts can be reorganized by viewers to create their own sequence of meaning-making signifiers.  “Clouds of linguistic combinations” and [disconnected] collisions between innumerable language games …still somehow are capable of making meaning.   Meaning emerges despite a seeming chaos or lack of rational connections between languages or signs.   Against all odds Aha!s still happen and being falls back into place, changed, erased, no doubt; merely a fragile trace.

Ich Iese es heraus as deinem Wort

I read in there in your every word,
in the story of the gestures
with which your hands cupped themselves
around our becoming-limiting, warm.

You said live out loud, and die you said lightly,
And over and over again you said be.

But before the first death came murder.
A fracture broke across the rings you’d ripened.
A screaming shattered the voices

that had just come together to speak you,
to make of you a bridge
over the chasm of everything.

And what they have stammered ever since
are fragments
of your ancient name.