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Child’s Play

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July 12-August 12, 2012

The Bellevue Gallery is excited to welcome visiting artist Mark Heine to the gallery. Beginning July 12, 2012 the gallery will be showing Child’s Play, a collection of paintings inspired by Heine’s life on the West Coast.  Heine takes realism and slightly abstracts it using vibrant colours and off-center compositions.  As an artist Heine’s purpose is to live with his eyes open, observing, collecting and recording. He paints his reflection of those observations… sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but always honest.


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Artist Statement

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My purpose as an artist, is to live with my eyes open, observing, collecting and recording. I paint the reflection of those observations… sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but always honest.

Light, temperature, colour, sound… all senses, combine with personal experience to create an emotional expression. I strive to connect with others on that emotional level. To inspire personal reflection, perhaps stir a lost or forgotten feeling. For me, the definition of art is the communication of emotion that leads to personal discovery. A trigger for self awareness.

The face of life on the west-coast of Canada is relatively new to much of the world. Living here does have a distinct flavor. I endeavor to identify and celebrate our vibrant culture. To bring that face to the world. To remind us, to look around and savor. My children are often the vehicle for this expression, as I watch them grow and experience life.

The choices I make in subject and composition have combined to become my own voice on this world. A voice that should and does shift, like the ebb and flow of the tide.


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“Each painting is a glimpse of my life, that evolves on canvas. Every brush stroke placed to capture feeling. I strive to create an emotional connection, to inspire personal reflection and perhaps recollection … afternoon sunlight laid across a summer beach, heavy as gold, purpled at the edges with the promise of evening. The smell of the sea drying on the rocks. The sound of childrens laughter on the air… In a world that seems always about tomorrow, to remember to rejoice in today and yesterday.”

In 1961, Mark Heine, son of renowned artist Harry Heine RSMA, FCA, NWWS, was born in Edmonton Alberta. Their family moved to Vancouver Island in the early 1970’s. He attended the Commercial Art Program at Capilano University in North Vancouver, graduating with honors. In the course of his 30-year career in the arts, Heine has toured the world, teaching and exhibiting his art. His work has won numerous national and international awards, and is found in collections, galleries and publications throughout North America and abroad. He, his partner Lisa Leighton and their two daughters, Sarah and Charlotte, now live in beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.