Erica Grimm Featured Past Exhibitions : Saturated Phenomenon

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Saturated Thin Film

Saturated Phenomenon


Saturated phenomenon are experiences of givenness that philosopher Jean Luc Marion says exceed the senses, that flood, overrun– indeed saturate otherwise ordinary events. Saturating phenomenon surpass the sum of their parts; an experience of overflowing fulfillment, saturated phenomenon exceed the intentional act that generates them and is incommensurable–not measureable in any ordinary way.


These images juxtapose minimal planes of steel with close up faces caught between fear and joy- laughing, crying, screaming, meditating, being flooded with fields of saturated colour, seen floating through layers of texts.


The Saturated Phenomenon Series celebrates how simple mundane surfaces can open, enfold and invite such saturated phenomenon. The surface of steel, the porous, close–up topography of the face, the signifying surfaces of texts, maps, packing stickers, material veils of saturated colour–each trace, layer, flood, open and unfold multiple depths. The surfaces themselves invite not a dualistic opposition of surface with depth, but celebrate how the surfaces themselves suggest multiple readings. Multiple traces overlay and do not erase.


In Painting Today, Tony Godfrey observes that a “portrait painted face-to-face implies a one-to-one, an ich-du (I-thou), relationship (111). The one-to one relationship with the painted face enacts Martin Buber’s I-Thou relationship, albeit between the painter and panel, and brings to mind philosopher Emanuel Levinas face-to-face ethical encounter with the other. The viewer is invited to step into an I-thou relationship in the artist’s stead. This series has taken a surprising turn. Particularly the laughing face layered over text transfer sections of Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and Keller’s The Face of the Deep suggests in an odd textual dialogue and in Keller’s own words how “the face breaks up both the deconstructive caricature of depth and the counter caricature of deconstruction as shallow. (165)”


My dissertation opens with being “stopped” by a heart attack and ends with a laugh. In Coming to Writing Cixious identifies a generative process: “In the beginning was dying, the abyss and the first laugh.” The Aesthetics of Attentiveness identifies 3 phases of aesthetic acts– the necessity of being stopped; being attentive, trusting unknowing and self emptying listening through the act of making; then emerging out of this liminal process with a laugh of knowing, having made something that surprises even the artist.

Saturated Phenomenon runs from April 11th to May 11th, 2013 – Opening Reception: April 11th; 6pm-9pm