Gallery Artists

Chris Anderson - Timepieces

The Timepiece Series is an ongoing body of mixed-media paintings on paper in which I explore concepts of space and time. The format of each painting is based on a literal timepiece. A small square, symbolizing the hands of a clock, rotates the outer perimeter of a larger square, or ''clock face''. At the beginning of each painting, I set the ''hands'' of the timepiece to document real time.

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Gillian Armitage - ROSA X ALBA

This series comprises 26 acrylic painting on canvas. As the subtitle suggests, these works are not floral per se but their genesis can be found in the symbolic White Rose of myth and poetry. The White Rose - a symbol of femininity, purity, virginity, youth, modesty, romance, life. The series is personal and biographical. It began during one of those times when life takes a sudden and surprising turn. Out of the blue, healthy, fit, clean-living me was diagnosed with lymphoma. Luckily, it was of the curable variety but I was shaken to core.

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Chris Bowman

Chris Bowman brings a sense of the surreal to his dynamic and ethereal adaptation of trees. His acrylic on canvas paintings act as an illusion, capturing both beauty and an unsettling eeriness. As a former student of the Waldorf School in Calgary, Alberta, Chris began expanding and interpreting his creativity at an early age. In this series of paintings Chris strives to embrace the organic process of the paint, while maintaining a sense of integrity that invites exploration.

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Wayne Eastcott

For many years now my work has been concerned with the unity of the structured order and relationships that make up the created universe. This would not only include the obvious, in what is usually designated as nature or natural structures, such as the pull of gravity, or the ripples of a pond disturbed, but also the man-made structures, such as bridges and electronic circuits.

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Michael Elkan

The design approach Michael acquired and developed as an architect has intuitively informed his approach to making photographs. In composing an image, the essential concept is strengthened and refined through the elimination of superfluous visual elements. What is retained is there to communicate the emotional impact of the subject, the quality of light or sense of place with intentional clarity. Michael's elegant body of work is united by this particular way of seeing and interpreting the world in the careful composition of his photographs.

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Galen Felde

Galen Felde‘s work focuses on human and environmental interdependence and issues of empathy. Tangled branches, leaves, light particles, wings and wire... -all are key elements magnified, layered, distorted and sculpted to form the substructure of Galen’s paintings in her continuing exploration of impermanence and our awkward relationship with origins, adaptation and alteration of the landscape.

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Erica L. Grimm, (PhD)

The work in this exhibition continues Erica’s long-standing interest in issues of embodiment and liminality but combines these abiding interests with a consideration of textuality, issues of being and how meaning is negotiated in the beginning of the 21st Century.

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This exhibition is the result of a collaboration that we commenced in 2002. However, the first work was not complete until the fall of 2003 because we spent many months trying to really understand each other's interests, ideas and aesthetics. We wanted it to be a true collaboration and not merely two artists working on the same piece of paper.

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Marion Llewellyn

My new series of abstract paintings, “Targeting Light Sources” are done with graphite drawings superimposed on an acrylic service. By working on the entire series simultaneously it became apparent each panel could be hung as a duo, a trio, or in a square of four. The size of the square can also vary depending on the number of pieces chosen (for example the square could consist of eight or twelve etc.). The arrangements are limitless.

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Emma Milley

The Bellevue Gallery is pleased to introduce photography by Emma Milley. Using her images to bring to life the colour and flavor of India, Emma captures the essence of her subject and gives voice to those without one. A portion of sales from Colours of India will go to the non-profit organization, Just Go in an effort to help people work in the orphanage, Joybells in Dehradun, India.

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Pari Azarm Motamedi

The powerful poetry of Shafi'i Kadkani expresses in beautiful layered images, the observations, thoughts and experiences of an artist and scholar experiencing life in contemporary Iran. Pari aims to convey her interpretations of these poems, and their layers of meaning, in a visual language that has been developing over a lifetime of contemplation and work. This is Pari's second solo exhibition at Bellevue Gallery.

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Michael Rathjen

ON TREES | A photograph captures a slice of time. It could be thought of as an act of conservation, preserving a moment, an impression of how things were at a specific point in time. Traditional film is still my photographic medium of choice as I appreciate the idea that light from the photographed scene leaves its physical imprint on the film, a lasting memento from the moment of exposure.

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Aaron Robbins

Expressionistic brushwork, stains and glazes create the groundwork for the ''Verve'' landscape paintings of Aaron Robbins, while splatters, orb's, loops and bubbles move freely through his compositions. Void of human presence, these whimsical works are about solitude but never about being alone.

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Jack Shadbolt

Jack Shadbolt has long been considered one of BC's most important modern artists, alongside Emily Carr. Born in England, Shadbolt was able to produce pieces of international stature while still maintaining a West Coast flare. Shadbolt was an accomplished teacher, mentor, author and poet, publishing three books and given honorary doctorates from three Universities. Among receiving the Guggenheim Award in 1957, the Molson Prize in 1977 and the Gershon Iskowitz award in 1990, Shadbolt was also given the Order of Canada. Shadbolt's work has been represented in all major galleries across Canada, including the National Gallery of Canada. Shadbolt died in 1998.

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Michiko Suzuki

I am thinking about visible and invisible things when I am talking about my work. It could be that Art ultimately represents invisible things. Also Art is a balancer of your mind. This solo exhibition's title, "Floating World", means, pictures of the present. Human beings life is short, but the stream of the river probably will not change, even when we die. Present life is a transient dream. We are just living between a dream and reality.

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Leszek Wyczolkowski

My art is the balance of two worlds. The initial world is one of intellect, geometry and order bound by strong craftsmanship. The other world is soft, organic, sensitive and instinctive. These two worlds combined are the foundation of my art, the result of which is the starting point of the viewer's imagination. There is a strong cohesiveness with nature in my work, things organic and cosmic, with a glimpse of life under the microscope. My graphics are fundamentally based on logic and balance.

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Lynn Huntley Wyczolkowski

My subject matter is organic and too is my practice; most often flowers on the stem still growing in the garden, natural light and classical photographic techniques. Beyond the immediate aesthetic beauty of flowers there lies a myriad of shapes and forms to which the naked eye is not privy. My new series is a departure from photography, exploring the technique of mixed media. This series salutes the striking form of the horse. The compositions range from solid silhouettes to highly decorative forms using vibrant colours and embellished by layers of mixed media.

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Nadine Wyczolkowski

I enjoy black and white photography because it tends to reduce the subject to an essence. It helps us to immediately recognize what is truly important in the image. In my etchings I try to use a very subtle effect and gradation of textures with the value of black and white. I etch geometrical shapes and still life.

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Leszek & Lynn Wyczolkowski- Collaboration

This new series is a collaboration between Lynn and Leszek Wyczolkowski. The landscapes pieces are a marriage of Leszek's simple compositions and Lynn's free flowing style. The combination results in works that settle between realism and abstract, highlighted by a veil of diffused light.

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Visiting Artists

Nicholas Purcell

As a designer and maker of exceptional handmade furniture I am passionate about creating work that combines the beauty and richness of carefully chosen materials, excellence in workmanship and original, timeless design. My dedication to producing work which displays great integrity and artistic value is what I offer my clients. I trained and worked originally in graphic design and it is this experience with proportion, esthetic and scale which distinguishes my work. Intrigued by contemporary design and style whether in architecture, furniture or art, I am always creating, always developing my ideas. A number of years ago I turned my creative energies toward furniture making, studying in England with renowned furniture maker, author and teacher David Charlesworth. Though born in England, I spent most of my life in Canada and the US and now live and work in Vancouver BC.

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Clayton Anderson

Land's End represents a fundamental shift in my inspiration. Rather than a reproduction of reality I am exploring painting as a means of self expression. Although the images are representational, my objective is to infuse them with a new vitality and emotional content that expresses my personal and unique vision of this environment.

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Maria Noma Bliss

The Bellevue Gallery is pleased to exhibit the work of Maria Noma Bliss of New York. Noma’s abstract, surreal images bring a new and exciting dimension to the gallery. Her vibrant colors, bold imagery, and attention to detail bring focus to social issues such as the break-up of families, world hunger, and global warming. Even so, the beautiful balance and form found in Noma’s art uplifts and inspires, pointing towards a future of greater hope. Her work is in corporate and private collections throughout the world. Her illustrations have been published in editorials, advertising and books worldwide.

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Rose-Marie Goodwin

New to the Bellevue Gallery this year is Rose-Marie Goodwin. The Gallery is pleased to welcome Rose-Marie as a visiting artist with her vibrant exhibition Across the Jordan. This series of work is inspired by her journey to the Judean Desert, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and the Masada ruins. The vibrant, rich colours and bold brush strokes found in Rose-Marie’s paintings embody the essence of the desert, and invites the viewer into her journey of discovery.

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Mark Heine

My purpose as an artist, is to live with my eyes open, observing, collecting and recording. I paint the reflection of those observations... sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but always honest. The choices I make in subject and composition have combined to become my own voice on this world. A voice that should and does shift, like the ebb and flow of the tide.

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Didier Lourenco

When I look around me, I get the feeling that I would like to live life at a slower pace, have time to take in everything that surrounds us: light, color, fragrance, landscapes, thought, the cat, the moon, the dog, the woman, the bar, the taste, the child, the sea. The thought of collecting these small moments is what motivates me to go to the studio every day and try to stop time on canvas. I think that we live life at a very fast pace and I hope to stop time, if only for a brief moment.

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David Robinson

Precision, balance, skill, creativity, beauty, drama – all words to describe the sculpture of David Robinson. David’s work demonstrates a profound understanding of his choice of media together with sensitivity to a thematic vision. The Bellevue Gallery features four of David’s sculptures in their ‘Rebirth’ exhibition. Each work combines the elements of humanity in juxtaposition to an architectural or landscape setting. Working from his studio in Vancouver, David is an award winning sculptor of the highest caliber. His work is shown in Galleries throughout Canada and the USA and is in private and corporate collections.

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Chang-Soo Kim

For Chang-Soo Kim the human face is not only the building block of his painstakingly constructed images, but also the subject matter. These works are thus a form of meditation on the nature of humanity. Just as the pixel is the basic constituent of a digital image, so Chang-Soo begins with digital images of human faces at a scale close to the single-pixel level and then manipulates large numbers of them with precision to create images of other faces and places. It is a profoundly humanist approach to the making of art, one that he is currently extending into new areas. The process of his work is a direct link between the images of anonymous strangers and the creation of images of Everyman.

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Stirling Ward

Stirling Ward MPA, M.Photog. is an internationally-renowned commercial photographer with a long list of awards and accreditations. The Professional Photographers of Canada named him Photographer of the Year. The Professional Photographers of America gave him the Art Director's Choice Award of Excellence. His work was recognized with a nomination for a Cleo Award in New York City. His photographs are in the permanent collection of the Kodak Pavilion at Epcot Center as well as in the National Archives of Canada.

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Jennifer Williamson

A fascination with texture has motivated Jenn’s exploration for knowledge, training, and the acquisition of the finest products available. It is a combination of unconventional materials, and Jenn’s accomplished skill in applying them, that form the foundation of every painting she creates. Jenn’s unique painting style is a striking convergence of refined texture, exquisite colour and luxurious patinas. Her intuitive sense of composition and colour are evident in each body of work she unveils; from the ‘soft & subtle’ to the ‘bold and compelling’, Jenn’s style is unmistakably distinct. Jenn creates the finest quality, original paintings any discerning collector would appreciate. Jenn was born in White Rock, BC. North Vancouver, BC was home to her during her elementary & high school years. She now resides in the Fraser Valley with her husband and two boys.

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Added Events

Harmony Arts Festival 2009

The Bellevue Gallery will host a juried exhibition of paintings and art work by local artists in support of the Harmony Arts Festival. This is the second year the Gallery has donated space for the exhibition, which runs from July 31st to August 9th, 2009.

44 Photos

Harmony Arts Festival 2008

The Harmony Arts Festival is the North Shore's premier summer event. Celebrating its 18th year, this award winning 10 day festival is host to a variety of beautiful seaside venues in Ambleside that support great music, food and art from all over the community.

26 Photos

Children's Book Illustration

SUPPORTING CHILDREN'S LITERACY | Bellevue Gallery recognizes all forms of Fine Art, including that found in children's literature. In an effort to promote the development of children's literacy the Gallery represents the original art of illustration. The visual link provided in picture book illustration works to stimulate and enhance the written word and invites the viewer to expand the creative experience found in children's books.

8 Photos

Scarcity & Abundance

A photo journey of the shared experiences of Paddy Ducklow, Sharon Ferriss, Tim Hardy, Lisa Holland, Rory Holland, Janet Laver, Richard Osler and Deborah Woodley in Central Africa. In the midst of poverty, displacement and violence they discovered grace, dignity and a spirit of hope.

11 Photos

Hope Abundant

Powerful images combined with story made this exhibition a touching experience. Team member Angela Heino, a field nurse who recently resided in Uganda for a five month period, shared her experience on opening night and again on the following Sunday afternoon. Angela demonstrated how simple nutrition and health care intervention transformed a failing infant named Peace.

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Millie Ballance

Millie Ballance is originally from England. Her paintings of animals and nature reflect the influence of growing up in the English countryside. She currently lives and paints in Vancouver with her husband two dogs and a lovebird.

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Kim LaFave

Kim La Fave grew up in North Vancouver and is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. He has completed additional studies at the Illustrator's Workshop in Tarrytown, New York. Kim has illustrated many award-winning books for children including ''Amos's Sweater'' by Janet Lunn, which won the Governor Generals Literary Award, Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon Illustration Award, and the Ruth Schwartz Award. He works from his home and studio in Roberts Creek.

15 Photos

Lynn Ray

With extensive experience as a painter and illustrator Lynn completed her studies in Studio Art at Capilano University. She also studied Fine Art History and Architectural Drafting and Design and continues to write and illustrate children’s books while acting as the Executive Director of the Bellevue Gallery in West Vancouver, B.C.

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Kathryn E. Shoemaker

Kathryn E. Shoemaker is the illustrator of thirty-five books for children, among them ''A Telling Time'' by Irene N. Watts, ''My Animal Friends'' by R. David Stephens, ''Floyd the Flamingo and His Flock of Friends'' by Tiffany Stone, ''Jenny's Neighbours'' by Richard Thompson and ''Los Ninos Alfabeticos''.

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