Mark Heine : Artist Statement

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My purpose as an artist, is to live with my eyes open, observing, collecting and recording. I paint the reflection of those observations… sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, but always honest.

Light, temperature, colour, sound… all senses, combine with personal experience to create an emotional expression. I strive to connect with others on that emotional level. To inspire personal reflection, perhaps stir a lost or forgotten feeling. For me, the definition of art is the communication of emotion that leads to personal discovery. A trigger for self awareness.

The face of life on the west-coast of Canada is relatively new to much of the world. Living here does have a distinct flavor. I endeavor to identify and celebrate our vibrant culture. To bring that face to the world. To remind us, to look around and savor. My children are often the vehicle for this expression, as I watch them grow and experience life.

The choices I make in subject and composition have combined to become my own voice on this world. A voice that should and does shift, like the ebb and flow of the tide.