Bellevue Gallery welcomes Chang-Soo Kim

Posted by on November 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm.
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The Bellevue Gallery is honored to exhibit the work of Chang-Soo Kim during the month of November. Kim studied in Korea and in Germany, and lives in Seoul, South Korea, where he is a professor at the college of art in Kyungwon University. He has exhibited internationally with considerable success.

For Chang-Soo Kim the human face is not only the building block of his painstakingly constructed images, but also the subject matter. These works are thus a form of meditation on the nature of humanity. Just as the pixel is the basic constituent of a digital image, so Chang-Soo begins with digital images of human faces at a scale close to the single-pixel level and then manipulates large numbers of them with precision to create images of other faces and places. It is a profoundly humanist approach to the making of art, one that he is currently extending into new areas. The process of his work is a direct link between the images of anonymous strangers and the creation of images of Everyman.

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