SNOW ASYLUM Press Release

Posted by on October 7, 2011 at 4:05 pm.
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SNOW ASYLUM by Marion Llewellyn
The Bellevue Gallery 2475 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver
October 13 – November 12, 2011
Opening Reception 6 – 8 pm     Artist in attendance

Written by Mia Johnson

Marion Llewellyn’s new paintings are alarmingly simple in appearance. Quiet expanses of snow, oblique planes of steel blue, tranquil expanses of mountain, floating feathers – and among them, explosions, eruptions, ominous shadows and speeding arrows.

The Welsh artist grew up in Stony Stratford, England, a medieval town pre-dating the Romans. She is known for her explorations of the inner landscape in a manner that is simultaneously autobiographical and conceptual. Sixty years later, in Snow Asylum, images of her heritage are emerging: finely sketched medieval goose feather quills and delicately painted references to the ancient fortresses, gates, fences and portcullis still found in the Stony Stratford area.

Capturing critical psychological moments frame by frame, Llewellyn sets up visual metaphors for her own experience with post-traumatic stress disorder. Research suggests that as many as 10% of the Canadian population will be affected at one time in their life with PTSD, a clinical condition that can cause feelings of impending disaster, a foreboding sense of doom, and a constant feeling that danger is nearby.

Snow Asylum explores dichotomies. Snow gives a feeling of desolation and camouflage yet can also appear serene and comforting, like a blanket. Arrows may be weapons or signs of good news; mountains may beguile or threaten. Savage titles like From the Gulag of Bearing Witness, Shock and Awe and Beyond the Wire show the intensity of the feelings behind the work. The images are as much about a journey through psychological pain as they are narratives of history and place.

Marion Llewellyn was born and educated in the United Kingdom, where she graduated with honours from Manchester College of Art and Design. After working for several prestigious publishing houses and design firms in England, she immigrated to Canada in 1975 and became a master typographer and serigrapher. For almost 20 years she was a partner at Long and Llewellyn, Vancouver, an art and design consultancy with over 300 awards in Canada and USA. Her large format posters have been collected by the National Archives, Ottawa. The BC Government commissioned 12 paintings for Expo 86. She has been profiled in Novum Gerbrauchgraphik, Berlin, translated into 5 languages.

Marion Llewellyn’s artwork has been shown and collected in Vancouver, Montreal, San Francisco & Portland.

For more information, please contact:
The Bellevue Gallery

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